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Buzzword Alert: Reliability as a Service (RaaS) from Azima DLI


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Azima DLI, the leader and premier provider of Predictive Maintenance (PdM) analytical services and products, today announced the new industry standard for delivery of highly-efficient, cost-effective machine condition monitoring programs: Reliability as a Service™ (RaaS). RaaS™ is delivered through a combination of Azima DLI’s TRIO family of data collectors and cloud-based access to its ExpertALERT™ vibration analysis software. Launched today, the TRIO™ CA6 with RaaS is the industry’s first cloud-based data collector and machine condition analyzer.

The second of a new generation of vibration data collectors and machine condition analyzers from Azima DLI, the CA6 with RaaS provides a complete, fully managed software and service solution. The CA6 is the first to market with a cloud computing solution providing access to the latest PdM analysis technologies and collaboration tools, while assuring lower total cost of ownership. Its durable design, unmatched software and wireless capabilities provide greater efficiency of collection and safety.

The TRIO line is a powerful computerized system in a mobile industrial package that sets aside the traditional data collection model to focus on productivity and elevating the overall success of PdM programs. Designed and engineered specifically for a new generation of data collection, the CA6 with RaaS features:

  • Reliability as a Service (RaaS): Includes locally installed
    ExpertALERT analysis software, cloud-based ExpertALERT analysis
    software web application, and cloud-provided WATCHMAN Reliability
    Portal™, hosted data storage and replication services, mentored PdM
    training and available professional analytical expertise. Azima DLI
    reduces the need for IT support, database management and capital costs
    associated with dedicated servers and static software fees. RaaS
    provides broad access to collaborate on critical assets across the
    enterprise or from Azima DLI’s certified analytical experts.
  • Advanced Computing Power: The embedded, Azima DLI ALERT™
    analysis software and Windows® 7 Ultimate operating system combine to
    provide the most capable data collector in its class. With its modular
    design allowing ease of replacing the industrial tablet PC user
    interface, downloadable software upgrades, and little-to-no need for
    new data acquisition hardware investments, TRIO offers the lowest
    total cost of ownership of any industrial vibration data collector /
    field analyzer.
  • Bluetooth Enabled: For improved safety and maneuverability, the
    CA6 supports hands-free, Bluetooth®-enabled, wireless data acquisition
    control up to 30 feet away from the sensor.
  • Greater Portability and Ease of Use: A lightweight, ergonomic,
    modular design enables greater portability and decreases the physical
    demands of data collection, thanks to the various body-worn and
    carrying options offered by Azima DLI.

“RaaS from Azima DLI is a PdM game changer as it provides a complete software as a service solution unmatched by any other provider,” said Randy Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing, Azima DLI. “This integrated solution incorporates the latest collection hardware with Azima DLI’s leading ExpertALERT software and WATCHMAN Reliability Portal, making enterprise-wide PdM collaboration possible for customers that want to manage their own maintenance programs.”

With a solid-state hard drive, bright sunlight-readable touch screen and Wi-Fi access, the CA6 can automatically connect with desktop or networked PCs and servers. The TRIO family of data collectors is the only one to include a digital camera, allowing the operator to take a video or still photos during routine machine inspections and either include them within the diagnostics report or send to remote analysts.

Pricing and Availability

The entire TRIO CA6 with RaaS solution is priced with an entry point of under $15,000 with hardware, software and IT infrastructure costs all provided by Azima DLI. Ongoing costs are as much as 60 percent less than non cloud-based models and are subscription based.

For more information, visit to view product videos, download the brochure and learn additional details about getting started with modernizing your current PdM program today..