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Veeva Claims Rising Number of Small- to Mid-Sized Pharmaceutical Companies Switching to Cloud CRM

In less than three months, more than a dozen small- to mid-sized (SMB) life sciences companies in the U.S. have selected multitenant, cloud-based Veeva CRM while more than 75 SMB life sciences companies have chosen Veeva CRM in the last five years. The numbers show a steady rise in organizations outside ‘Pharma’s Top 50’ turning to the cloud for enterprise solutions. Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Dyax Biopharma, Valeritas and Questcor Pharmaceuticals are among the many SMB life sciences companies to recently go live with Veeva CRM. These and many other SMB companies cite affordable enterprise-class performance as the primary driver for cloud system adoption.

Historically, enterprise-class CRM systems have proven cost-prohibitive for most SMB life sciences companies. These companies, however, have found an alternative solution where they can access enterprise-class software and hardware at a much lower cost structure. The traditional client/server CRM applications are typically over the budget – especially when ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs are factored in.

“Compared with other vendors, Veeva CRM seems to be the most logical – meaning it’s easy for users to figure out and fairly obvious how to do something new or different,” said Hokan Ojert, vice president of sales for Valeritas. “Even the analytics aspect of Veeva CRM is painless – what used to take multiple steps in and out of different applications with our previous system is now aggregated neatly within Veeva and accessible in a click or two. This streamlined technology approach allows us to focus on what we are supposed to be doing…supporting our physicians.”

Built on an inherently flexible, multi-tenant cloud-based platform, Veeva CRM offers life sciences companies a significantly more affordable per-seat pricing model while still providing access to the same world-class hardware and software leveraged by Top 20 Pharma. The cloud enables growing SMB life sciences organizations to quickly and efficiently scale up or down to meet demand. Changes can be made in minutes using simple point and click configuration without vendor intervention or the resulting expense. And, system functionality can be easily extended through free integrations with outside applications and data sources. All of these benefits are possible as a result of multitenant cloud-based technology from Veeva.

“With Veeva CRM, we can make configuration changes, modify fields, add users or change territories anytime without ever calling Veeva or waiting for vendor support,” said Heather Beaudoin, Questcor’s Director, Commercial Analytics and Sales Operations. “In fact, we can manage the entire system with just one-half of a full-time employee versus 5, 7 or even 10 FTEs if you have a complicated on-premise system. Veeva’s technology leads to vendor independence, and it’s proving a big advantage for us.”

According to Veeva’s Vice President of Sales, John Dawley, “Many smaller pharmaceutical companies that together make up a large portion of the fabric of our industry are seeing the incredible value of an industry specific, cloud-based solution. They need a fast, nimble, cost-effective solution and Veeva is there to help them achieve their goals.”