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Lumesse Adds New Usability, Integration Features to Lumesse Learning Gateway

Lumesse today announced the latest version of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) learning management system, Lumesse Learning Gateway 5.7, with a wide range of new capabilities that include enhanced reporting, additional languages, improved navigation and full integration with Lumesse ETWeb talent management.

The integration (announced earlier this month) with Lumesse ETWeb, delivered using the new Lumesse ETWeb Exchange service-oriented architecture, offers users fast and easy access to learning from a wide range of e-learning vendors anywhere in the world. Personalized, relevant learning content can be selected and delivered directly from the cloud within the familiar, web-based user experience of Lumesse ETWeb.

“Lumesse Learning Gateway takes the pain out of managing learning,” said Lumesse CEO Matthew Parker. “This release helps both learners and learning managers to find and manage the training they need. Learners can identify and start training that is directly relevant to their career goals and their company objectives through a familiar talent management environment. Training managers can control the process, workflow and reporting of learning with less effort and greater oversight. Organizations get better trained, more motivated people with lower costs and less administrative overhead.”

Lumesse Learning Gateway is a powerful and affordable cloud-based learning management system that delivers and manages sophisticated blended learning programmes that can include mobile and social learning, tests and assessments, personalized e-learning, and instructor-led training. Lumesse Learning Gateway is delivered as a SaaS solution configurable to exact needs to encourage high completion rates, and scalable for any number of learners and any amount of learning.

Among the improvements in Lumesse Learning Gateway 5.7 are:

A new scalable reporting framework generates attractive reports –
from a standard, categorized library — that are easy to understand
and use.
Added language support for learners: Chinese and Japanese for a total
of 22 supported learner languages; and French and Italian for a total
of seven supported administrator languages.
A redesigned administrative portal offers simpler, more intuitive
navigation of the powerful learning management capabilities in Lumesse
Learning Gateway.

In addition, tight integration with Lumesse ETWeb talent management allows a learner-centric, consumerized user experience with single sign-on and a common look-and-feel that increases user adoption by making access and navigation simple and intuitive for all users. Users can quickly find best-match learning activities that support career development and objectives, start e-learning from within the talent management system, and easily identify recommended and mandatory training – supporting increased completion ratios. Direct access to development history and development plans from a Talent Profile give a clear overview of training taken and required, while integrated reporting measures and analyzes progress and completion against planned and mandatory learning, as well as cost breakdowns. Configurable workflows allow managers easy approval of learning activities.

Lumesse Learning Gateway 5.7 is available immediately.