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ATP teams up with Infosys to launch big data driven ranking system

ATPThe Association of Tennis Professionals, ATP, has partnered with Infosys to launch a new statistical way to measure the best performing ATP World Tour players.

The new ATP Stats Leaderboards makes use of Infosys’ data analytics capabilities to bring together recorded stats from various professionals on the tour today to rank them in three categories, Serving, Returning and Under Pressure, and even allows users to compare current players with greats from the past. The three categories can be broken down by surface, by year, by past 52 weeks or by career.

“These new statistics offer players, fans and media interesting new insights into how our athletes are rating in three key areas against their peers on the ATP World Tour,” said Chris Kermode, ATP Executive Chairman. “There is huge potential to understand our sport better through the development of new statistics, and we look forward to further advances coming soon in this area through our partnership with Infosys.”

The project uses the Infosys Information Platform, an opensource data analytics platform, and brings together the vast amount of data collected by the ATP over the years to give fans a concise rating of players on the tour today. The ranking are determined through various big data models combining several metrics including the number of double faults during a game, number of aces, the percentage of points won on an opponent’s serve and the number of successfully converted break points, to give a measure of how players are performing currently and in comparison to previous parts of the season.

“The uniqueness of our partnership with the ATP World Tour lies in being able to challenge the traditional models, and experiment and embrace technology to create a compelling experience for fans across the globe,” said U B Pravin Rao, Chief Operating Officer at Infosys. “We firmly believe that technology can amplify our ability to create this unique differentiation and we will continue to find newer avenues to elevate the fan experience.”

While this would be considered a novel concept for the game of tennis, the use of big data and advanced analytics tools is not new for the world of sports entertainment. Accenture Digital has been using its data analytics capabilities to predict the outcome of the Six Nations and the recent Rugby World Cup.

The company has been a technology partner of the Six Nations for five years now, and this year introduced an Oculus Rift beta virtual reality headset and development kit as part of the on-going marketing strategies to demonstrate its capabilities. The company claims to process more than 1.9 million rows of data during every match, and also developed parameters for 1800 algorithms to bring the data, dating back to 2006, to life. After each match, approximately 180,000 on-field actions were added to the increasing data store to refine the decision making capabilities.

Infosys to use IBM’s Bluemix make next generation of cloud apps

IBM and Infosys have announced a joint venture where Infosys will use IBM’s Bluemix system to prototype, develop and roll out new cloud apps for its client base in 50 countries.

The partners will launch a Bluemix-powered Innovation Lab in which Infosys and its clients can work together to create applications. Infosys developers are to be trained on Bluemix and tutored on cloud app development. Infosys will also get access to the IBM Bluemix Dedicated, a library of cognitive computing and analytics systems and services for building client apps.

The Infosys Innovation Lab will be staffed with a dedicated team of designers, ‘extreme agile’ specialists and industry and technology architects. Infosys has 187,000 employees and a turnover of $8.7 billion.

IBM launched Bluemix with a US$ 1 billion investment in 2014 and it now claims to be the largest Cloud Foundry deployments in the world, with a catalogue of over 120 tools and software-services, with all the top open-source, IBM and third-party technologies.

The partnership is all about getting access to these technologies and sharing them with clients, according to Srikantan Moorthy, Head of Application Development and Maintenance at Infosys. “Our goal is to bring these advanced technologies to clients’ application landscape in the most rapid and collaborative way possible,” said Moorthy, “Infosys will also incorporate any Bluemix-related curriculum into its on-boarding and training process.”

The disruptive forces of cognitive computing, analytics and IoT are all delivered through the cloud and Bluemix will only exacerbate these changes, according to Steve Robinson, IBM Cloud’s General Manager. “Developers can accelerate the deployment of these next-generation apps and this collaboration with Infosys will advance our clients’ journey.”

Infosys takes financial suite of Verizon Cloud

Infosys is deploying its core and digital banking suite on Verizon's cloud

Infosys is deploying its core and digital banking suite on Verizon’s cloud

Infosys and Verizon announced a deal this week that will see the Indian outsourcing specialist offer its financial suite of software services on Verizon’s cloud platform in the US. The move is part of a broader effort to update its strategy for the times and go all in on cloud.

The Finacle suite, targeted primarily at banks and credit unions, is a white label core and digital banking services solution. Infosys said offering the solution as a PAYG software as a service can make it less costly and more flexible to deploy.

“Providing real-time and compelling customer experience across multiple channels is a difficult task, even for the largest of financial institutions with significant resources,” said Michael Reh, senior vice president and global head of Finacle, Infosys.

“With Finacle solutions now available on Verizon Cloud, financial institutions of all sizes, across the U.S., will be able to provide the latest banking services to their customers without any major investment,” Reh said.

Adam Famularo, vice president, global channel, Verizon said: “Together, Finacle and Verizon will enable new flexibility for clients. Financial institutions will benefit from Finacle’s comprehensive solution coverage and high-performance platform hosted on the Verizon Cloud to help them improve agility, achieve sustainable, profitable growth and drive their business.”

Since 2014 Infosys has ramped up its cloud partnerships in a bid to shift its outsourcing business towards higher margin activities, and financial services seems to be a more promising sector for cloud growth than originally anticipated. Gartner for instance predicts that by 2016, more than 60 per cent of global banks will process the majority of their transactions in the cloud, and many are already migrating less sensitive functions.