Category Archives: Eren Niazi Provides Lazarex Cancer Foundation with Free Technology Services, a nonprofit that offers free technology services to charities, announced today that it will assist the Lazarex Cancer Foundation with rebranding, website redesign, digital marketing and data storage. By drawing on the experts and resources of WSpider, The Coding Tree and Open Source Storage—three Bay Area tech companies—the project will help Lazarex gain visibility and earn donations critical to serving late stage cancer patients.

Founded in 2006 in Danville, California, Lazarex Cancer Foundation advocates for late stage cancer patients who have been told there is no hope. Lazarex’s team guides patients through clinical trial options and provides the financial assistance they need to continue fighting the disease. In total, Lazarex has given its patients 210 extra years of life beyond doctor’s expectations. To spread greater awareness of these services and improve fundraising efforts, Lazarex began exploring ways to build its online presence. Learn more about Lazarex Cancer Foundation at

Alerted to Lazarex’s needs at a private fundraising event, Eren Niazi, founder of, offered to help Lazarex revamp the foundation’s branding, website, marketing strategy and database solution. The new online strategy will help Lazarex build a stream of small, web-based donations to complement fundraising events and other outreach efforts.

Karen Ambrogi, Communications Manager for Lazarex Cancer Foundation, participated in the redesign. She notes “We were surprised and excited by Mr. Niazi’s offer. We know that these much needed technology updates will greatly improve Lazarex’s ability to raise funds and awareness. Additionally the money we save as a result of this donation will give many cancer patients the gift of hope and time.”

While most nonprofits need donations to operate, taps into Niazi’s tech businesses and a volunteer network of experienced technologists to provide charities like Lazarex with the mentorship, services, software and support they need to advance their missions.

WSpider, Niazi’s internet marketing firm, will develop SEO, social media and paid advertising strategies for Lazarex. The Coding Tree, his custom software development shop, will spearhead all aspects of the rebranding and web design. Finally, Open Source Storage, an enterprise storage solutions provider Niazi re-launched in November, will provide hosting and low-cost database services that can grow with Lazarex into the future.

“Organizations like Lazarex need web technology to share their mission with a wider audience, but the costs can be prohibitive,” said Niazi. “By providing our tech expertise at no cost, we can help Lazarex preserve funds that save lives and help the foundation build a technological platform for long-term growth and impact.”

Over the past 10 years, has supported charities dedicated to a wide variety of causes including child welfare, AIDS, cancer, human trafficking and education. In addition to Lazarex Cancer Foundation, is currently providing technology services for The A21 Campaign, Polyphony Foundation, International Sanctuary and the California Kidney Cancer Center.