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TWD & Associates, IP Data Solutions Partner For Compliant Cloud-based eDiscovery

TWD & Associates, Inc. (TWD), a communication and collaboration solutions provider for the public sector, today announced it has partnered with IP Data Solutions (IPDS), a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, to provide electronic discovery (eDiscovery) solutions for archived content systems.  Archived content, including legacy email and data files, are migrated to a secure, cloud-based environment with sophisticated, integrated software search tools, allowing users to quickly and easily locate documentation for litigation, research, Inspector General (IG),General Counsel, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Congressional Budget Office (CBO) requests.

“Government agencies must comply with data retention and email archival legislation to ensure information is available and accessible,” said Larry Besterman, President and CEO, TWD.  “A normal eDiscovery process could require weeks to cull through existing archives.  Our solution allows a search to be performed in seconds.”

The eDiscovery solution works with customers’ current cloud strategies and is compliant with all federal mandates.  By placing archived email and files in the cloud, users have infinite scalability, allowing their data to grow or reduce in accordance with their retention policies.  It also has synergy with existing discovery systems, if current systems are in place across an organization.  The solution requires no hardware or software and is provided as a managed service, improving efficiencies, increasing cost savings and allowing accessibility from any location by an authorized user.  It allows agencies to integrate their storage, archiving and eDiscovery needs into one solution, reducing the requirements for duplicative data storage.

“Electronic discovery has traditionally been a very expensive and reactive activity,” said Gary Thompson, President, IPDS.  “Given these times of intense budgetary constraints, a solution like ours is valuable because it helps clients implement a more proactive, cost-effective and efficient approach to what is normally a complicated process.”

The cloud-based infrastructure is Statement on Accounting Standards (SAS) 70 Type II, PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1, International Organization of Standards (ISO) 27001 and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliant.  Additionally all client data resides within the continental United States (CONUS).

To learn more about the joint TWD and IPDS eDiscovery solution, call IPDS at (301) 519-8015.

Mimecast Beefs up Email Archiving, Adds iPad Search App

Mimecast, a supplier of cloud-based email archiving, security and continuity for Microsoft Exchange, Hosted Exchange and Office 365, has revamped its cloud archiving capabilities, with end users now able to access their personal archive from their chosen email client or mobile device. Mimecast has also introduced file archiving and now provides users with the ability to search their archived documents from within Outlook, Mimecast Personal Portal (web), or iPad. The company’s new iPad app, Mimefiles, displays all of a user’s documents stored in email, as well as Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, network shares and home drives (My Documents).

Mimecast has also added tight integration between SharePoint and email, with users able to search their email archive from within SharePoint, or their SharePoint documents from Outlook.

“The archive is now so much more than just a dusty data store,” comments Grant Hodgkinson, Product Director, Unified Email Management, at Mimecast. “We see it as a highly available, highly secure, but most of all incredibly useful source of information for IT professionals and their end users. And not just for occasional eDiscovery cases but for day to day interactions. The Mimecast archive can now store more than just email, but perhaps more importantly we’re providing users with the tools to be able to find what they need, quickly, in ways that suit their personal preferences, whether they are iPad users or Outlook junkies. In short, archiving is not just about what goes in; it’s how useful it is when it comes out.”

The key elements of today’s announcement are:

Mimecast File Archive provides a solution for archiving files from SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, network shares and home drives, with a single point of eDiscovery and management that supports regulatory compliance needs.

Mimecast Services for Outlook Version 4 gives users full access to their entire archive history from within Outlook. Users can browse their historical email folders or use the archive search feature, which enables quicker decision-making and transforms responsiveness. They can also drag and drop emails to their inbox when browsing, or view, reply and forward messages returned by the archive search.

Mimecast Services for SharePoint is designed to allow users to search their email archive from within SharePoint.

Mimecast Personal Portal is a web mail portal that allows users to search emails and files in their personal archive, manage their permit/block lists and continue to send and receive email in the event of a mail server outage.

Mimefiles, which will be available from the Apple AppStore in November, is a custom-built iPad app that provides users with a unified view of all their files from Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, network file shares and email attachments. Users can also view the audit trail associated with each file – who emailed whom and when – and can preview the email that the file was associated with.

Rand Secure Archive Implements Hosted Archiving Solution for Ampersand Capital Partners

Rand Worldwide announced that their Rand Secure Archive division has implemented their proprietary hosted archiving and retrieval solution for Ampersand Capital Partners.

“As a private equity firm, Ampersand has to deal with a constantly evolving regulatory environment, including reporting requirements by the SEC, the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley and the Dodd-Frank Act,” says Rick Charpie, Ampersand’s founder. “To address those requirements we followed the advice that we always give to the CEOs we mentor – to select the best partners possible. That’s why we chose Rand Secure Archive, a partner who shares our commitment to success by delivering world-class technology and service.”

“In the financial services industry, it’s critical that electronic information and communication is both archived and easily retrievable – regardless of the file type or medium,” says Chris Grossman, vice president, Enterprise Applications at Rand Worldwide. “Our robust, hosted solution not only meets the legal requirements, but also offers robust functionality with simplicity and security.”

Key functional requirements for financial services organizations safeguarding their data include:

  • Preserve every electronic business record and store them securely.
  • Find and produce electronic communications quickly, and be prepared
    for SEC and other regulatory examinations or requests with on-demand
    data production for investment advisor compliance.
  • Enables the creation and enforcement of retention policies while
    maintaining a full audit trail to ensure compliance with these
  • Offload the cost and operational burden of managing complex and
    disparate email and messaging platforms.

Compared to competitors, Rand Secure Archive provides faster, more advanced search capability and integrated eDiscovery tools, as well as more convenient user access to archived data.

DataIQ Aims for Big Data Visualization Simplicity at Low Cost

Image representing StoredIQ as depicted in Cru...

StoredIQ today announced DataIQ, designed to give organizations a simple, low-cost, visualization solution to understand their unstructured data — without first moving it to a repository — to help answer data intelligence questions that challenge many of today’s IT organizations such as:

“Every company has more data than it can manage. But few can precisely locate it, assess the value of it, or make much sense out of it when they need to,” said Ted Friedman, vice president and distinguished analyst with Gartner. “Information management projects can be very intimidating. To set a course for success, organizations need to build insight regarding the whereabouts, meaning, and usage of their data.”

Designed to run on the StoredIQ Platform, DataIQ scales from terabytes to petabytes, from single corporate offices to global enterprises, and provides a single, holistic view across a multitude of enterprise data sources and hundreds of file types — without moving any data from its native location. With DataIQ, organizations have the power to make informed decisions before starting any information management initiative including: data migration, storage optimization, records management, eDiscovery, data clean up, and information governance. DataIQ gives companies the ability to:

  • Identify – interesting subsets of information without moving
    any data across the corporate network
  • Analyze – data using advanced visualizations to spot compliance
    violations, get out in front of the eDiscovery process, make
    infrastructure planning decisions, jump start records initiatives, etc.
  • Act – copy, collect, and move data that requires further
    processing or retention; defensibly delete data that provides negative
    value to the company

“As we worked with customers on information management initiatives from eDiscovery, information governance, storage, and records retention, one common theme bubbled up over and over…customers needed a simple tool to give them a comprehensive understanding of their unstructured data,” said Phil Myers, CEO of StoredIQ. “DataIQ was designed as a quick start data intelligence application that empowers customers with knowledge about their data to better plan and prepare for any information management project.”

Nuix Launches Legal Hold Solution with Technology Partner Zapproved

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Nuix, a worldwide provider of information management technologies, and Zapproved Inc., developers of Legal Hold Pro, today announced a technology partnership to introduce Nuix Legal Hold. Nuix Legal Hold is a cloud-based legal hold notification and compliance tracking system that works with Nuix collection and eDiscovery solutions. Nuix Legal Hold is built on Legal Hold Pro, which has been enthusiastically embraced by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies because it is the fastest and simplest way to manage the legal hold notification and compliance process.

Nuix Legal Hold provides legal teams the ability to manage the electronic discovery process. The system streamlines the overall process of responding to anticipated litigation and satisfies the duty to preserve relevant information in a defensible, repeatable manner. With Nuix Legal Hold, legal teams now have a fully integrated electronic discovery solution that systematically tracks, notifies and analyzes data from custodians subject to litigation holds.

“Zapproved has developed an effective and efficient system for managing litigation holds and the preservation workflow, and we’re very excited to work together to offer Nuix Legal Hold as a valuable service for our customers,” said Nuix CEO, Eddie Sheehy.

“Nuix and Zapproved are both committed to introducing powerful solutions into the legal market that our users find simple and easy to use,” said Monica Enand, CEO and founder of Zapproved. “This partnership integrates two state-of-the-art solutions that empower organizations to take on managing eDiscovery in-house.”

Nuix Legal Hold is available now and will be showcased at LegalTech West Coast May 22–23 at Booth 312. For more information on Nuix Legal Hold visit