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ElasticHosts launches elastic containers – could cut some running costs by 50%

containersCloud server company ElasticHosts has announced its new model of container technology can adapt automatically to fit volatile shifts in demand for resource and bill clients accordingly. The new Linux containers are designed to make management easier for resellers, service providers, web developers and web hosting companies.

ElasticHosts’ new containers are now available with cPanel v11.52, from third party control panel vendor cPanel. ElasticHosts claims it offers the first containers to integrate with cPanel v11.52, which now creates the possibility for much more precise billing according to the usage of server resources such as memory, processing power and storage. It also gives service providers the option to automatically adapt to changing circumstances, so clients only ever have to pay for what they use while there is no risk of hitting a performance barrier in periods of intense activity.

The control panel from cPanel can streamline the process of creating and managing websites, claims its vendor. Prior to the new release cPanel could only run on virtual machine servers with licensing according to the virtual private server (VPS) model. The new ability to ‘autoscale’ and the capacity for exact billing will lower costs for clients, according to ElasticHosts. The usage-based billing offered by containers means website owners no longer have to pay for periods when server capacity is underutilised or the site is idle, typically saving up to 50% on hosting costs, it claims.

“We worked closely with cPanel integrating and testing the product to make this a reality and believe our technologies complement each other well,” said ElasticHosts CEO Richard Davies, “containers are gaining real momentum.”

“Linux containers are an exciting technology and we have recognized the groundswell behind them in the internet community right now,” said Aaron Phillips, Chief Business Officer at cPanel.