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Actuate and Pervasive Software Team to Provide Interactive Visualization of Big Data Analytics


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Actuate Corporation today announced an alliance with Pervasive Software Inc. that will enable business data analysts to rapidly review, prepare and analyze big data, and display intuitive data visualizations to support users’ ability to make efficient business decisions.

By speeding Big Data-based decision making, powering predictive analytics and decreasing capital and operating costs, ActuateOne and Pervasive RushAnalyzer “will make Big Data analytics and powerful visualizations available to business users in any industry and to the BIRT developer community.”

“Pervasive RushAnalyzer, the first predictive analytics product to run natively on Hadoop, enables users to rapidly transform and analyze terabytes of data on commodity hardware, and ActuateOne provides the advanced visualization capabilities to support insights and more productive conclusions,” said Mike Hoskins, CTO and general manager of Pervasive, Big Data Products and Solutions. “Pervasive’s seamless integration with Actuate, via BIRT, puts advanced Big Data analytic insights and actionable intelligence into the hands of multiple roles within an organization.”

“Big Data analytics has been traditionally been the realm of data scientists,” said Nobby Akiha, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Actuate. “By teaming with Pervasive, we are changing the game to ensure business users are in the driver’s seat to analyze Big Data sources so that they can operationalize and deliver insights to everyday users.”

ActuateOne – an integrated suite of standard and cloud software built around BIRT – enables easy visualization of data trends through customizable BIRT-based dashboards and Google-standard plug-and-play gadgets. Pervasive RushAnalyzer lets data analysts build and deploy predictive analytics solutions on multiple platforms, including Hadoop clusters and high-performance servers, to rapidly discover data patterns, build operational analytics and deliver predictive analytics. The drag-and-drop graphical interface speeds data preparation with direct access to multiple databases and file formats, as well as a prebuilt library of data mining and analytic operators, leading to simpler data manipulation, mining and visualization.