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Garantia Brings Redis Cloud to Heroku, AppFog, AppHarbor

Garantia Data, a provider of in-memory NoSQL cloud services, today announced the availability of its Redis Cloud database hosting service on HerokuAppFog and AppHarbor platforms over AWS. Garantia Data’s new Redis Cloud add-ons will provide the hundreds of thousands of developers who run their applications on these platforms with an infinitely scalable, highly available, high-performance and zero-management Redis solution in just one click.

Used by both enterprise developers and cutting-edge start-ups, Redis is an open source, RAM-based, key-value memory store that provides significant value in a wide range of important use cases. Garantia Data’s Redis Cloud is a fully-automated service for running Redis on the cloud – completely freeing developers from dealing with nodes,clusters, scaling, data-persistence configuration and failure recovery.

“Redis Cloud has been running in a private beta on Amazon EC2 since January and in a free, public beta since June, and we survived several node failures and three AWS outages without losing any customer data,” said Ofer Bengal, CEO of Garantia Data. “After successfully navigating these events, we are now 100 percent confident that our service is fully reliable and ready for PaaS environments. Heroku, AppFog and AppHarbor developers will now be able to enjoy the powerful benefits that our solution can bring to their critical databases, while gaining more time to focus on building the best possible applications.”

Redis Cloud is the only solution that scales seamlessly and infinitely, so a Redis dataset can grow to any size while supporting all Redis commands. It provides true high-availability, including instant failover with no human intervention. In addition, it runs a dataset on multiple CPUs and uses advanced techniques to maximize performance for any dataset size. Redis Cloud add-ons let developers create multiple databases in a single plan, each running in a dedicated process and in a non-blocking manner.

“We’re very excited to welcome Garantia Data to the AppFog ecosystem,” said Lucas Carlson, CEO and founder of AppFog. “Redis Cloud is exactly the sort of production, workload-ready service that our customers have been demanding. As huge fans of Redis, we feel that Redis Cloud’s robust performance and complete feature set makes it one of the best NoSQL DB-as-a-Service options out there. We can’t wait to see what developers create with Redis Cloud and AppFog!”

“We’re excited to welcome Garantia Data’s Redis Cloud into the AppHarbor add-on catalog,” said Michael Friis, co-founder of AppHarbor. “Redis is becoming a critical component for many .NET developers and is used by prominent .NET-powered web-properties like StackOverflow.

“We’ve seen Redis become an integral part of modern web applications, in part because of its amazing performance and flexibility,” said Glenn Gillen, Engineering Manager for Heroku Add-ons. “We’re excited to include Redis Cloud in the Heroku Add-ons marketplace so our customers can take advantage of its highly available and scalable solution in the quickest and simplest way possible.”

Garantia Data is currently offering the Redis Cloud free of charge to early adopters of its Heroku, AppFog and AppHarbor add-ons. The company will demonstrate the Redis Cloud and its new PaaS add-ons at Booth #332 duringAWS re: Invent, November 27-29 in Las Vegas.

AppFog Collaborates with Rackspace to Support Open Cloud Ecosystem

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AppFog today announced it is collaborating with Rackspace to allow its customers to deploy applications to the open Rackspace Cloud powered by OpenStack. AppFog’s solution will be available through the recently announced Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace.

AppFog will offer customers the ability to develop and deploy apps to the open Rackspace Cloud in an efficient and cost effective manner. Highlighting a pay-for RAM approach, developers are able to receive 2GB free of RAM simply by creating an account. Users will reap the benefits of interoperability, as AppFog provides customers with the capacity to redeploy applications to Rackspace that are currently running on a different Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider with zero-code migrations, while helping users avoid vendor lock-in. AppFog’s IaaS deployment options continue to expand with the addition of Rackspace to a list that already includes AWS, HP, and Microsoft Azure. As a multi-language PaaS, AppFog supports Java, .NET, Node, Python, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres and more.

“We are very excited to align our efforts with Rackspace,” said Lucas Carlson, chief executive officer of AppFog. “As a market leader and a powerful force within OpenStack, Rackspace is a valuable option for developers looking for a reliable, scalable and secure IaaS option. With Cloud Databases and Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack, we can be assured that our efforts support open standards, protect against vendor lock-in and enable developers to deploy on public or private OpenStack-based clouds.”

The Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace is a comprehensive catalog of innovative, third-party-developed applications designed for the Rackspace Cloud. By leveraging OpenStack and developing solutions specifically for the open Rackspace Cloud, AppFog provides increased flexibility for customers and helps them avoid vendor lock-in. Additionally, through the marketplace, customers can now browse, review and connect to cloud solutions focused on management, monitoring, application deployment, security and a host of other areas.

“We’re excited to be working with AppFog and for their platform to be available through the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace,” said Ven Shanmugam, senior manager of corporate strategy at Rackspace. “AppFog provides developers with a trusted platform for application development and deployment and we look forward to ongoing collaboration to have these capabilities available to our customers.”

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