Can your business stay secure in the cloud?

Cloud security is not a paradox!

 “Is cloud computing secure?” A question that has been asked since the dawn of “the cloud” and the answer has been debated many times over. Cloud security has been a long, never-ending discussion and more often than not evidence shows businesses rarely regret taking the plunge into a cloud infrastructure.

Despite the misconception that the cloud is entirely unprotected, there has still been a phenomenal growth in the cloud market in recent years. Forrester Research predicts that the public cloud market will develop from around $40 billion today to $160 billion by 2020.

Nevertheless, moving to cloud computing can be as risky as any major change if you do not understand what the change means for your business.

The risks and issues of cloud computing

Businesses have the same concerns with cloud infrastructure as they do with conventional computing; ensuring that the company’s …