Camelot ITLab is all set to boost the Blockchain market

Blockchain is the latest technology that has the power to transform the way we think of networks and even do digital transactions. Though this technology is in its nascent stage, many companies are already taking the lead in providing the right solutions to boost this technology. One such company is Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab, or Camelot ITLab, in short.

Camelot ITLab is the first company to provide a solution for identifying and implementing specific solutions using blockchain technology in the logistics industry. This is, in fact, a configurable IT solution that aids the development and evaluation of blockchain applications in the entire logistics processes. It uses different blockchain technologies like Etherum and Hyperledger to create a design thinking, and this is combined withe xisting agile technologies to create a unique product that’ll help players in the logistics industry to tap into the power of blockchain technology.

These innovations caught the eyes of some of the biggest players in the blockchain world. One such player is SAP’s Blockchain and Co-Innovation program. Through this initiative, SAP offers its customers the opportunity to create, identify and implement different aspects of blockchain.

Camelot ITLab has been invited to be a part of this program to help customers to better understand the potential of blockchain technology and use the best practices available today. Specifically, different use cases along with its application in IoT will be explained to customers to bring more people into the blockchain bandwagon. Currently, some of the use cases that will be focused include parcel tracking and serialization, anti-counterfeiting, connected vehicles, machine sensor data, smart grid, distributed manufacturing and security.

Besides its expertise, Camelot was also chosen because of its long-standing with SAP as a business consultant in the digital value chain management segment.

SAP and its partners like Camelot ITLab are encouraging companies to register in this program and gain the knowledge that will help them top leap frog into the next era of computing and technology.

Let’s hope such initiatives pave the way for enhanced adoption of these technologies to make this world a more connected place.

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