Building High IOPS Flash Array By @Innodisk_Corp | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

With the rapid advancement of processor technologies, disk access has been identified as the next performance bottleneck in many cloud computing applications. In recent years, storage appliances based on flash memory technologies have been deemed as practical solutions to resolving such performance bottleneck. However, high-end flash appliances are mostly built with proprietary hardware designs, aiming at particular scenarios in larger-scale data centers, and hence are barely affordable by enterprise and industry customers that are also deploying private clouds. Innodisk FlexiRemap™ technology, on the other hand, deals with the challenges of performance, data endurance, and affordability through innovations on software and firmware, creating a new category of flash-collaborative (in contrast to flash-aware or flash-optimized) storage appliances that deliver sustained high IOPS, even for random write operations.

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