BSA: EU cloud uptake lower than global average

Highest number of cloud users in Romania and Greece, according to research

Research from software advocates Business Software Alliance (BSA) has inferred a surprising lack of cloud usage among European Union computer users.

The figures, surveying 4000 people, showed that across the EU, whilst 86% of respondents used cloud services for personal use, less than a third (29%) used it for business purposes.

Greece and Romania had the most cloud users with 39%, higher than the global average of 24%, with Poland (25%), the UK (21%) and Austria (20%) making up the top five.

The most popular responses to the question “What type of online cloud computing services have you used?” were:

  • Email service (79%), compared to a global figure of 78%
  • Online word processing aligned with 36% of EU consumers (45% global numbers)
  • Photo storage and online games came joint third (35%) with European computer users

The global figures …