Braaains & ZaaS on Cloud

A new acronym, ZaaS (Zombies-as-a-Service), may enter the lexicon, thanks to Broken Bulb Studios, the Scottsdale, AZ developer that’s unleashed the zombie game Braaains on Facebook. The studio expected what it described as a “huge” traffic surge, so has been working with SoftLayer and RightScale to handle it.

Indeed, the game reaches about 371,000 daily and 3.6 million monthly players. With Facebook just announcing it now reaches 901 million people worldwide, one would expect the numbers to continue to scale up.

Braaains are being served by SoftLayer data centers in Houston and Dallas, and migrating completely to the cloud, the company reports. There are several terabytes of data stored already, and peak data transfer rates are currently estimated at 210 Mbps.

George Romero, did you have any idea what you wrought with your little $100k film in 1968?

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