Box buys dLoop to intelligently secure cloud content

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Software – Information Management

Box hopes to give subscribers greater analytic insights into, and control over, the content stored in its cloud service following its acquisition of privately held dLoop for an undisclosed sum. This is a move that Ovum has been predicting for some time, and will make Box more attractive to the enterprise customers who are becoming increasingly interested in online storage and collaboration services like Box, but who also put a sharp focus on content security and management. It also comes on the heels of Box’s publicly stated intent to raise another $100m in venture funding, which could point to further acquisitions and a likely IPO in 2014.

dLoop will provide more granular safeguards over Box content

dLoop is billed as a “data analytics” vendor – but not in the traditional business intelligence (BI) sense. The company has a narrow focus on analyzing access …