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Parallels Desktop for Mac Enables Australian Community College to Equip Learners with IT Literacy Skills

Guest blog author Kevin Greely, General Manager Parallels Asia Pacific Nepean Community College (NCC) is an adult education institution that focuses on equipping minorities, the disadvantaged, and the disabled with the IT literacy skills necessary to successfully navigate today’s digital world. NCC was looking for a flexible, responsive, and cost-effective device management strategy to keep […]

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CenturyLink partners with NextDC on Australian cloud expansion

CenturyLink is partnering with NextDC to bolster the reach of its cloud services in Australia

CenturyLink is partnering with NextDC to bolster the reach of its cloud services in Australia

CenturyLink is expanding its cloud footprint in Australia this week, partnering with local datacentre incumbent NextDC to bolster its managed and hybrid cloud services to the region.

CenturyLink already has a datacentre presence in Australia but the partnership announced this week will see CenturyLink offer its managed hosting, colocation and cloud services from NextDCs network of datacentres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth.

“We are eager to offer our managed hybrid IT services and consistent IT experience to multinational corporations in Australia, one of the most connected countries in the world,” said Gery Messer, managing director, Asia Pacific, at CenturyLink.

“The extension of CenturyLink’s datacentre footprint into Australia signifies our commitment to serve growing customer demand for IT services in the Asia-Pacific region,” Messer added.

Craig Scroggie, chief executive officer of NextDC commented: “NextDC’s agreement with CenturyLink continues the trend of the world’s top IT providers utilizing NextDC’s national datacentre network to provide services. CenturyLink is an important new member of our ecosystem of carriers, cloud and IT service providers, and its presence will essentially open up a world of new possibilities for Australian organizations on their journey to a hybrid cloud model.”

Like many American cloud incumbents CenturyLink views APAC as a key market moving forward. Last month the company launched a cloud node in Singapore and last year set up a datacentre in Shanghai, China, all in a move to bolster demand for its services in the region.

Flexibility and Agility Will Drive Cloud-Computing Adoption in Australia

By David Dzienciol, Vice President and GM, Parallels Asia Pacific


2013 will be a challenging year for Australian businesses on the back of a slow US economy and Europe still struggling to find its way from political and economic uncertainties. With Australian exports impacted by a strong local currency, businesses must double their efforts to look for ways to enhance business operations, including the use of cost-effective tools to raise revenue and lower operating cost.


It is these gloomy market conditions that will further accelerate adoption of cloud computing, including hosting services, as a proven solution to helping companies expand their market reach, drive deeper customer engagements, and drive costs down.


Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™ for Australia is driving home the imperative to “profit from the cloud.” Our report on the state of cloud computing adoption in Australia shows how the market there has evolved in the past year and highlights the most important opportunities for growth over the next few years.


Despite the continued progress in educating local businesses about the inherent benefits of cloud computing, Australian small and medium businesses (SMBs) continue to trail the rest of the developed world in their use of cloud services, despite the expanding array of services and applications that continue to be rolled out in response to the unique needs of local businesses.  


As of summer 2013, Parallels estimates the Australian SMB market at about $1.2B AUD. Demand for cloud-based business applications will outpace all other sectors growing at 63 percent to reach $430M AUD. The second biggest market, IaaS, will show the weakest growth at 16 percent albeit contributing $343M AUD. The other cloud-services sectors: web presence and web applications will contribute $275M AUD, while hosted communication and collaboration (consisting of hosted premium email and hosted PBX) will add $134M AUD. 



Australian cloud service-providers must continue to market the transformational business benefits of cloud computing but make it clear that benefits like increased efficiency and flexibility are more important and critical to the long-term prospects of SMBs as is the short-term ‘cost-out’ to be gained the use of cloud-based services.


Respondents to the survey are clearly maturing in their understanding of the technology as they recognize the benefits will far outweigh the growing pains they experience in migrating to the cloud. This strategic view of the cloud’s capability comes from a greater focus being placed on the business and operational process redesign and business model improvements as key enablers.


The survey also highlights the rising confidence in the security of cloud providers. As government and industry regulators mature in their understanding of the impact of cloud computing, SMBs can expect to see inevitable complexities around compliance. They are also approaching the tax structure of cloud deployments more strategically, rather than an afterthought to implementation with many finding that tax planning can make a significant difference in the company’s tax position, positively impacting the business case for cloud.


Many of today’s cloud-service providers were at one point SMBs themselves. This experience should serve them well reminding them about a winning characteristic of SMBs – agility. Those who are able to stay on top of SMBs’ changing cloud needs and reach these SMBs with the right mix of services and applications will grow and profit in the years to come.



Amazon AWS Adds First Austrailian Edge Location for CloudFront, Route 53

Amazon AWS has announced the launch of their newest edge location in Sydney, Australia to serve end users of Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53.

According the AWS, “This is our first edge location in Australia and with this location Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53 now have a total of 33 edge locations worldwide. Each new edge location helps lower latency and improves performance for your end users. We have launched 8 new edge locations in 2012 and we plan to continue to add new edge locations worldwide.”

“An edge location in Australia has been frequently requested by our customers so we are excited to add this location to our global network. If you’re already using Amazon CloudFront or Amazon Route 53, you don’t need to do anything to your applications as requests are automatically routed to this location when appropriate.”