Blog Update: New URL, Same Great Content!

By Ben Stephenson, Emerging Media Specialist, GreenPages Technology Solutions


Very quick update: Our Journey to the Cloud blog has been transferred over to It’s the same great content, just hosted in a new place. All Journey to the Cloud links will be redirected to the new URL If you’re currently subscribed to receive Journey to the Cloud posts, you will continue to get them delivered. If you would like to subscribe to get our posts delivered via email, you can do so here!

Why’d we do it? At GreenPages, we believe that it’s no longer about the Journey to the Cloud. The cloud is already here. Now it’s about managing your hybrid cloud environment. As we enter the second wave of virtualization, the conversation becomes more about deciding which applications you should run in the cloud…and which cloud you should run them in. We wanted the blog to reflect where the industry currently is.

No one panic, you still get to hear about cloud management from John Dixon, storage and data management from Randy Weis, software defined networking from Nick Phelps, and advanced virtualization from Chris Ward.

So, be sure to come back and visit for more great content from our experts!