Big Data and Cloud Computing Service Set to Improve Healthcare

Suvro Ghosh, founder and CEO of Texas-based ClinZen LLC, has developed a cloud application based upon Big Data that will help facilitate healthcare access for those living in the densely populated Indian City of Kolkata. The new platform, named 24by7.Care also aims to connect those living in rural areas to those in the metropolis.

Ghosh has reported to the media, “Given Kolkata’s dense population and the plethora of problems regarding accessibility to healthcare at any given time, we need to build a framework based on latest technologies such as cloud computing and Big Data. The 24by7.Care platform is a database dependent one and we are currently building a data base.”

Big data is extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions. This platform consisting of both big data and cloud computing would be able to aid Kolkata’s healthcare system by serving  needs such as booking a doctor or admitting a patient to the hospital.



This new healthcare system is initially set to take place in Kolkata and will be available on every computing platform.  Cloud computing allows computing facilities to be accessed from anywhere over the network on a multitude of devices ranging from smartphones to laptops and desktop computers.  This system increases accessibility pertaining to information about healthcare and will therefore improve the current system that is in place in Kolkata.

This new service is set to be implemented in three months.

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