Best Sleep Tech For Men

Finding yourself awake within a few hours of sleep is a common problem faced by men of all ages. An estimated 50 to 70 million adults in the US are facing sleep-related problems, according to the CDC. This is partly because we are over-stimulated and stressed all the time and this carries over to our sleep as well. A lack of good night sleep makes us feel tired and groggy the next day which in turn, affects our professional and personal life.

One way to ensure you have a good night sleep is to have a happy and healthy life. Some tech apps and gadgets are also helpful to fill in the gaps. We have presented some sleep tech for you below to help you get more zzzz.

Wake-Up Light

Most alarm clocks use sound to wake you, but the Wake-up Light uses light to do it. This device works with the circadian cycle of the body to “tune” your body to nature’s day and night cycle. This device stimulates the conditions of dawn using a UV-free halogen bulb that gradually becomes brighter about half an hour before your alarm goes off. Such a mechanism helps your body to work with nature’s rhythmic pattern of sleep and wakefulness and over a period of prolonged use, it improves your sleep pattern. An added bonus is a USB port you can use to load your song play-list, so you can wake up to your favorite song every time. The Wake-Up Light is most helpful for those men who travel frequently across timezones.


Pzizz is a unique sleep app that creates a hypnotic sound to put you to sleep. Unlike other sleep devices, it does not play your favorite songs or reads out a boring story to put you to sleep, but rather it has soothing and modulated voices that slowly ease your brain and body into sleeping mode. This hypnotic effect is sure to work like magic on any insomniac.

Zeo Sleep Manager Pro

If you have been feeling groggy even after a good night’s sleep, then Zeo Sleep is the device for you. It measures brain waves through a headband and records your sleep patterns at night. In the morning, Zeo analyzes your sleep patterns to give you a breakdown of your sleep cycle and it even rates the quality of your sleep. This is particularly useful for men who feel tired all the time.

FitBit Ultra

FitBit Ultra is one of the coolest devices available today for sleep and fitness. The makers of FitBit sure know to pack a whole lot into this ultra-thin and handy device. It comes with a wristband that you wear at night to monitor your sleep patterns and through the day, the same wristband is used to count the number of steps you have walked or climbed including the amount of calories burned. Think of this device as a digital trainer that helps you to stay healthy during the day and night.

These sleep devices help you to get the most out of your night’s sleep, so you are refreshed for a new day of work and fun!

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