Azure Data Factory Launch

Microsoft has greatly improved its big data analytics sector through the release of Azure Data Factory, a cloud based data integration service. Azure Data Factory (ADF) has been designed to both automate and streamline moving data from sources into and organizations business intelligence and analytics system to change it into a form companies can utilize.
Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president of Information Management and Machine Learning at Microsoft, has stated, “With ADF, existing data processing services can be composed into data pipelines that are highly available and managed in the cloud. These data pipelines can be scheduled to ingest, prepare, transform, analyze, and publish data, and ADF will manage and orchestrate all of the complex data and processing dependencies without human intervention. Solutions can be quickly built and deployed in the cloud, connecting a growing number of on-premises and cloud data sources.”
ADF is the connecting thread between services such as Azure HDInsight, Azure ML, and Power BI.
Sirosh also added “Using ADF, businesses can enjoy the benefits of using a fully managed cloud service without procuring hardware; reduce costs with automatic cloud resource management, efficiently move data using a globally deployed data transfer infrastructure, and easily monitor and manage complex schedule and data dependencies.”
The new service is very efficient and has been decreasing prices. Sirosh has commented, “At the same time, with the new cost efficiencies gained with the on-demand use of cloud resources, they were able to utilize 600 percent more compute hours and double their supported customer base.”

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