Avoiding Cloud Silos | @CloudExpo #API #Cloud #BigData #IoT #M2M #RTC

The cloud has transformed the way companies purchase and deploy software. Department managers buy best-of-breed solutions for marketing automation, budgeting and forecasting, financials, procurement, expense management and more. This open marketplace can create “cloud silos,” which offers a single department the opportunity to increase productivity, but can actually hamper visibility into business drivers when data in these critical systems have to be accessed across or between systems.
By combining these cloud islands into an integrated, responsive and agile technology nerve center for the business, you can avoid having multiple cloud applications that don’t interact with one another. Cloud solutions have an advantage over on-premise software because they are architected with open APIs to support integration. But look beyond data integration – cloud integrations need to support your critical business processes. Having rich, configurable, pre-built integrations between systems allow for much quicker, durable and robust business environments that provide strategic advantage.

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