Artmotion CEO Mateo Meier on security, storage and a Swiss Cloud

The negative press surrounding the cloud computing industry following the NSA PRISM leaks in June wasn’t a huge surprise.

But there are usually winners and losers in every situation – and Swiss cloud service providers stand to gain the most from the scandal.

Due to the country’s more stringent data privacy laws – a formal request from a prosecutor would have to be sent off before a CSP allows access to data in Switzerland – those at the eye of the storm are experiencing greater uptake.

Artmotion, based in Zurich, is one of these companies: in the month following the scandal, revenue went up 45%.

But as CEO Mateo Meier (left) points out, the advantages of storing data in Switzerland have been there from day one.

“Most companies ask themselves about the level of risk when it comes to the discussion where to store their data,” Meier tells CloudTech in an …