appMobis privateStack Gives Enterprises a Secure Cloud Backend for Mobile HTML5


Image representing appMobi as depicted in Crun...appMobi today announced privateStack, a licensable enterprise version of its industry-leading mobile HTML5 app development and cloud services stack. privateStack was created in response to overwhelming interest from businesses, organizations and government agencies that require complete end-to-end control of mobile app deployments for security reasons.

With the recent explosion of mobile smartphone and tablet devices, many enterprises want to create hybrid and Web-based mobile apps for a variety of audiences – sales staff, service technicians, executives, operations personnel and customers. Unfortunately, CTOs have legitimate concerns about data security, service quality and the difficulty of distributing corporate apps in public app stores. Unless they wanted to build it themselves, CTOs were forced to hold off on participating in this exciting trend. privateStack was created to address this need.

“While the consumer market for apps has skyrocketed along with explosive smartphone and tablet sales over the past few years, enterprises and government agencies who wanted to develop mobile apps with data security and deployment control have had no real way to do so,” said Dave Kennedy, appMobi CEO. “privateStack provides enterprises the mobile application management capabilities to develop and deploy apps using the same technology appMobi uses in its commercial cloud services. Ironically, privateStack illustrates how open Web technologies like HTML5 and the mobile Web can be used to create highly secure mobile solutions that can’t be duplicated in closed, vendor-owned mobile ecosystems such as those of Apple and Google.”

privateStack gives enterprise CTOs the ability to support native-quality, HTML5-based, cross platform mobile apps with complete control over hosting geography, security, gateways into corporate data silos and user authentication. For enterprises, hybrid apps are very appealing because they greatly simplify app creation and deployment. Unlike native app development, which requires programming in arcane languages like Objective C, existing corporate Web development teams can create hybrid apps using HTML5. Using privateStack, those apps can be built into iOS and Android store-ready apps or they can be deployed on secure corporate intranets, avoiding the complications of commercial app stores.

In addition to appMobi’s HTML5 development tools, which support hybrid app development using appMobi or PhoneGap, privateStack incorporates the entire appMobi cloud services platform which includes:

  • Authentication
  • Rich Media Push Messaging
  • Mobile App Analytics
  • Remote App Updates
  • In-App Purchasing
  • Gamification – Badges and Leaderboards
  • Social Network Interfaces

appMobi offers privateStack as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that gives enterprises world-class uptime and instant, effortless scalability. privateStack is the first mobile HTML5 backend to be offered on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) store as an installable AMI, and it is available in both managed and custom configurations. For customers who want to host privateStack in their own corporate data centers, enterprise source licensing is also available. More information is available at