AppDirect Delivers SaaS Apps in "MaaS" Environment

One of the problems of proliferating SaaS apps might be termed Clutter 2.0 – the end result can be a handful or more of new apps in your world in a mishmash, each with its own integration and IT management costs.

Daniel Saks, Co-CEO of AppDirect, aims to end all that through the company’s Marketplace-as-a-Service, “a unified environment with single sign-on, centralized user management, and consolidated billing,” he says.

San Francisco-based AppDirect is almost three years old, and allows enterprise users to “find, buy, and use” apps, according to Saks, in fields such as communications/collaboration, HR, sales & marketing, and financial management.

SaaS apps appearing in the marketplace include Google Apps, Webex, Microsoft 365, TribeHR, Clockspot, Simplicant, Uberview, WorkETC, Salespod, SendGrid, New Relic, Yendo, FreeAgent, and Wave. The company makes the apps available through a network of service providers, including IBM, Google, Bell Canada, AppCelerator, BestBuy, and Visa.

“AppDirect is the only platform that connects developers and channel partners with small businesses through custom marketplaces,” according to Saks. “No other company makes it easier for small businesses to find and manage all the cloud services they need from one central location.”

Less confusion in the cloud? (Gasp.) Sounds revolutionary to me.

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