API Strategy 2012: For the Cloud, by the Cloud, as Platforms Emerge

What do salesforce.com and Mashery have in common? They are multi-tenant software as a service leaders – both built with billions of APIs – for the Cloud, by the Cloud.
The implications this year: API Strategy in 2012 cuts across mobile, social, and cloud. Winning with API’s translates to understanding the economics and agility of clouds for scale, speed, and security.
In 2010 Delyn Simons, formerly the head of eBay’s highly successful developer program stated, “Behind every good app is an API.” In 2012, the projection is that “behind every successful app there will be a number of APIs that power it.” Apps are becoming big business, with more than 250 million app downloads on Christmas day alone and a record number of Android, iPad, and iPhone sales during the holidays. The world has been mobile for a decade, but now the mobile world is so omnipresent and dynamic that it is altering business and culture at impressive rates.

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