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Organize your corporate travel faster, at lower cost. Hotailors is a next-gen AI-powered travel platform.

What is Hotailors?

Hotailors is a platform for organising business travels that grants access to the best real-time offers from 2.000.000+ hotels and 700+ airlines in the whole world.

Thanks to our solution you can plan, book & expense business trips in less than 5 minutes. Accordingly to your travel policy, budget limits and cashless for your employees.

With our reporting, integrations and real-time analytics, you can easily control your travel policy, reduce spendings and increase the efficiency of your company.

Hotailors ia an artificial intelligence powered marketplace for business travels. Friendly to use technology based on artificial intelligence to plan, book and expense business travel in 5 minutes. Within one login on one dashboard, user has access to almost 2 mln booking offers and flights from over the world.The solution is dedicated to companies who want to save time and money by optimizing process of business policy in the organization. Thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence and 3000 logged travel experts on the platform, Hotailors optimizes the time of booking hotels and flights up to 5 minutes and reduces cost to 80%.

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