Amazon Web Services fills out its big data cloud platform

Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Ovum IT Enterprise solutions, Ovum

Announcements of new data platforms were highlighted at Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) first ever “re: Invent” user conference this week. Among the headlines, AWS announced Amazon Redshift, a managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service that includes technology components licensed from ParAccel. Amazon Redshift will deliver the power of massively parallel columnar databases at a commodity price for data warehousing customers.

AWS also announced AWS Data Pipeline, a utility to simplify orchestration of data flows between both AWS-based and on-premise data sources and AWS-based processing services.

These new platforms and services will help fill out and add connective tissue to the various AWS platforms and services. Now that Amazon is automating data flows, it should take the next step and add integrated SQL views to NoSQL data stores, something that other providers, including Microsoft, Cloudera, and Hortonworks, are already pursuing.

AWS’s evolving …