Amazon launch Marketplace Appstore

Bobby Hellard

22 May, 2018

Amazon is launching a new app store for professional sellers with tools specifically created to help manage pricing, inventory, advertising and a range of other features.

The Marketplace Appstore will feature apps made using the Amazon Market Web Service (Amazon MWS) that have been developed by third-parties and given a seal of approval by Amazon.

The new app store will be available in North America through Amazon’s Seller Central hub and will be deployed slowly to ensure a smooth rollout.

As reported by Cnet, the new app store will operate behind the scenes and offer a way for more sellers to grown on Amazon and provide greater retail opportunities.

For developers, the new app store could potentially put their tools in front of an audience of over one million US small and medium-sized businesses that sell on Amazon.

“Many developers have innovated and created applications that complement our tools and integrate with our service,” Amazon said in a statement.

“We created the Marketplace Appstore to help businesses more easily discover these applications, streamline their business operations and ultimately create a better experience for our customers.”

News of the new seller’s app store came via a press release from Seller Labs, which is a creator of cloud-based e-commerce applications and offers two tools in the Marketplace Appstore.

Ignite, which is for advertising management, such as sponsored products Ads and Feedback Genius for customer communication.

Seller Labs have also been selected as a member of Amazon Marketplace Development Council.

“The open communication with Amazon and the new Developer Council helps Seller Labs ensure it’s developing the right features for our customers and provides the best experience for the seller,” said Hank Harris, CEO of Seller Labs.

“The Marketplace Appstore is simply the beginning of bringing more effective tools to Amazon Sellers.”