6 things you should know before your move to the Cloud

Strategies that suggest running company servers from data centres (Cloud Computing) are not a new concept to businesses. But as time has gone on, this strategy has now become a viable alternative to SMEs, providing a number of attractive benefits. As a result, many companies are actively turning to cloud-based strategies rather than merely refreshing server hardware.

But frustratingly – and perhaps inexcusably considering the huge volumes of ink dedicated to the serious considerations of pursuing a cloud strategy – too many companies are making costly mistakes, forcing Marcie Terman, Business Development Director at DataFort, to vent and highlight – once and for all – the six most important areas of risk to consider when making such a major step.

1)    Risks around service continuity:

 Commodity services – those ‘off the shelf’, cheap solutions – will often neglect to make any mention of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) concerning service continuity. But you must understand the risk …