5 issues to consider before taking on cloud storage

By Brad Robertson

While ‘cloud storage’ is one of the hottest tech buzz terms floating around now, there are still many questions people have about the benefits of having their own online storage accounts.

The more educated you are on your cloud storage provider, the more you’ll feel at ease with storing your files with them.

Here are five things to consider before taking on cloud storage to ensure your service is the most beneficial for you.

  1. Make sure your data is secure

    There are two primary areas of security to inquire and demand are secure. First is an in-transit/in-flight/in-motion characteristic – that is, the path the data takes from your device to its destination.

    Think about the bank offering a pick-up and delivery service. They have the most impenetrable vaults at their location, but they send a 10-year-old on a skateboard to come and pick …