3 reasons to embrace the private cloud

For everything cloud computing offers – speed, convenience, simplicity, offsite backups – its “public” nature remains a touchy subject for enterprise.

This simple fact explains why many organisations have been slow to embrace the cloud. In business, data security is everything. And for decision makers at big firms, trusting all mission-critical data into the care of a third-party IT vendor sounds just a bit too risky.

But with the arrival of the private cloud, organizations can enjoy the conveniences of cloud computing without a lot of the tradeoffs. Here’s why they might want to give it a shot:

1. Data security and compliance

“A virtual infrastructure that offers on-the-go, anytime data access may sound great, but how can we be sure our data is safe?”

This was – and still is – the big question for enterprise when confronted with cloud computing. The public cloud, they reason, is simply more vulnerable to misuse …