2018 Cloud Predictions from Forrester

Forrester has come up with a bunch of predictions for 2018 and how it can transform the cloud industry.

  • Dominant players : The existing cloud companies would continue their dominance in 2018 too. Currently, AWS, Google and Microsoft account for 76 percent of the total market share in the cloud industry. This will increase to 80 percent by 2018, thereby signaling a clear dominance by these top three players.
  • SaaS vendors: SaaS vendors will transform into platform providers and will expand to provide deployment options.
  • Increase in cloud spending: Microsoft Azure Spark will create an increase in private and hybrid cloud spending, as more businesses will consider one of the two options to move their data and applications.
  • Shift in providers: Many cloud providers are considering to move around 10 percent of their traffic to other providers from existing carrier providers. This move will see a significant impact in revenue for telecom companies like AT&T and Verizon.
  • Increased public cloud: As cloud computing spreads its wings far and wide, more businesses are expected to use these services. In fact, Forrester predicts that 50 percent of global enterprises will use at least one cloud provider for their business.
  • Bigger growth:  It goes without saying that the entire cloud industry will grow by leaps and bounds and there will be a surge in the overall revenue generated by different cloud companies. Forrester predicts that the total cloud market will be worth $178 billion in 2018, up from the current $146 billion. It is also predicted to grow at a whopping compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22 percent.
  • Container war: The container war will be won by Kubernetes and it will establish itself as the most dominant player in this segment by 2018.
  • Cloud security: There will be a renewed focus on cloud security and in most cases, it will be integrated with existing cloud platforms, thereby making it a central aspect and selling point for all cloud platforms.
  • Training programs: Forrester predicts that enterprises will move towards an immersive training program to bring about a cultural shift within the organization.

Let’s wait for 2018 to see how these predictions span out. Overall, it looks good for the cloud market and we can expect a solid growth for this industry.

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