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VMware NSX vs. Cisco ACI: Which SDN solution is right for me?

I posted this video a while back on VMware NSX vs. Cisco ACI and it’s proven to be a pretty popular topic. I will be holding a webinar on 10/6 to talk about this topic in more detail so I figured I would repost the video for people to view again. If you enjoy this video, I would highly recommend registering for the webinar. I’ll be able to go in more detail and answer any questions throughout the presentation.

If you missed Nick’s webinar, you can download it here!

By Nick Phelps, Principal Architect

The Hacked Landscape: Protecting Your Organization from Modern Threats

Security is one of, if not the, top concerns among IT professionals. Every week it seems a new, widely publicized breach occurs. Some vendors claim to have a silver bullet solution that is a cure-all for every security need. But is that the case? In this video, I talk about the current “hacked landscape,” how preventative measures to keeping information safe has changed, and the approach organizations should be taking to security.



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By Dan Allen, Solutions Architect