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AppGlu Out to Change Mobile Application Lifecycle

AppGlu has launched and hopes to change the way the mobile application lifecycle is managed by giving business people more control of their mobile apps after launch.  AppGlu competes in the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) space and is ideal for companies creating apps for employees (B2E), apps for business partners (B2B) and apps for their consumer customers (B2C). They have a intro video that tells more:

SOASTA Launches Mobile Services Division

Cloud and mobile testing provider SOASTA today announced the launch of its Mobile Services Division (MSD) to help companies deliver  quality user experience for their mobile and web apps. SOASTA’s MSD, headed by mobile testing and big-data industry veteran Mahesh Gidwani, focuses on helping its customers build and manage mobile test labs by combining SOASTA’s best practices and proven test methodologies to ensure successful mobile application delivery using the company’s CloudTest, TouchTest, and mPulse products.

In addition to SOASTA’s own MSD, SOASTA is also introducing a Mobile Test Automation Network made up of mobile test professionals from around the world that will be accredited to deliver SOASTA’s mobile test methodologies. Joining this network today are partners focused on Mobile Test Automation including ProtoTest, Total Performance Consulting and Utopia Solutions, that extend SOASTA’s services reach to clients across geographies and industry verticals.

“The explosion of mobile development has created a capability gap in the services market that SOASTA uniquely fills with our elite team of experts and partners who have pioneered mobile test automation and cloud testing,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO. “We launched the SOASTA Mobile Services Division after our customers told us that they often lacked the expertise to implement and execute effective mobile and cloud-based testing strategies.”

“As enterprises struggle to match the pace of consumer demand via mobile and web properties, they are finding it hard to adapt their quality processes,” said Tom Murphy, Gartner Research Director. “Gartner sees the growth and expansion of specialized professional services as a natural response to the market need.”

The new Mobile Services offered by SOASTA span strategy, methodology, accreditation, implementation and ad-hoc services focused on:

  • Mobile Test Automation Architects (On-Demand, On-Premise)
  • Mobile Test Automation Experts (On-Demand, On-Premise)
  • Mobile Performance Engineers (On-Demand, On-Premise)
  • Continuous Integration Test Methodologies
  • Building and Management Services for Internal and External Mobile
    Application Test Labs
  • Mobile App Testing Accreditation

“The demand for mobile testing expertise, coupled with the compression of delivery cycles, drives growth for our specialized services,” said Lee Barnes, the founder and CTO of Utopia Solutions. “With this expansion, joint SOASTA and Utopia customers will experience rapid return and expert guidance of seasoned mobile testing experts resulting in the highest quality mobile apps to their end-users.”

“I’m excited to be leading the charge into mobile test services for SOASTA,” said Mahesh Gidwani, SOASTA’s new VP, Professional Services. “SOASTA is excited match our product innovations with equally innovative services that help our customers with mobile automation.”

SOASTA Acquires Real User Measurement Company

SOASTA today announced the acquisition of LogNormal, the leading performance measurement company delivering real user measurement and monitoring for mobile and web applications. The acquisition extends SOASTA’s platform to deliver actionable intelligence for both marketing and operations executives on real user behavior.

“SOASTA is focused on constantly improving the user experience on mobile applications,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA’s CEO. “SOASTA has been delivering a fast, affordable and scalable performance solution for enterprise customer for years. The acquisition of LogNormal extends our vision of delivering the full life cycle of development, testing and measurement solutions to ensure the optimal user experience for our customers. We are excited to have LogNormal as part of SOASTA, especially Buddy and Philip with their dedication and experience in performance management.”

“SOASTA is the leader in mobile and web performance testing and we are excited to combine our expertise to deliver performance testing, monitoring and measurement in a single platform,” said Buddy Brewer, LogNormal’s CEO. “The combination of LogNormal’s expertise and SOASTA’s real-time analytics engine will provide unprecedented insight into mobile behavior.

Fision Partners with 3Cinteractive to Integrate Mobile into Its Distributed Marketing Automation

Image representing 3Cinteractive as depicted i...

Fision, the leading sales and marketing automation SaaS provider, today announced an agreement with 3Cinteractive, the leading provider of cloud-based, enterprise mobile solutions, to leverage its Switchblade platform to extend sales and marketing automation across messaging, mobile web, smartphone apps, voice, and social media.

“Control, compliance and measurement of campaign distribution across all media channels has always been a recurring problem for businesses,” said Mike Brown, CEO of Fision. “This agreement furthers our mission to provide a simple solution that optimizes that effort. Mobility is the next mainstream media channel and the capabilities of 3Cinteractive extend the power of Fision to address that demand.”

Fision’s platform allows enterprises and small businesses in manufacturing, health care, retail, financial and business services to store, customize and distribute marketing materials, giving companies real-time metrics on customer behavior. Switchblade, 3Ci’s cloud-based mobile platform, provides businesses with a single platform to deploy multi-channel mobile applications to any mobile device throughout the world. The combination of these capabilities will extend Fision’s offering to include mobile solutions that engage consumers and increase their lifetime value.

Neotys Partners with Wipro for Performance Testing Solutions for Web, Mobile Applications

Neotys today announced that Wipro Technologies, the Global Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing business of Wipro Limited, has chosen NeoLoad, a leading load and performance testing solution for web and mobile applications, to upgrade its performance testing suite to increase test productivity and enhance the value proposition for end customers.

As part of this alliance, Wipro will provide testing solutions for customers who need load and performance testing solutions for Web and mobile applications, using NeoLoad. Wipro will use NeoLoad to realistically simulate user activity and analyze server behavior. The solution allows Wipro consultants to test more quickly, efficiently and frequently, enabling customers to safely deploy Internet, intranet or mobile applications on whatever architecture they use. NeoLoad supports Flex, Silverlight, GWT, Ajax Push, HTML5 etc. Wipro will also use NeoLoad across the major application types including ERP and CRM from the major providers. NeoLoad supports Oracle, SAP and Microsoft among others.

“We’ve had outstanding results from the Neotys partnership already,” said Arun Kumar Singh, VP Testing Services Business, Wipro. “Using NeoLoad we were able to reduce the testing time required for many applications by 30%. We expect NeoLoad to substantially increase our productivity and the value we provide to our customers.”

“As one of the world’s leading IT majors, Wipro provides a comprehensive solution for customers looking to implement and test web and mobile applications either within their company firewalls or in the cloud,” said Laurent Gaudy, VP Partners & Alliances, Neotys. “This partnership is strategic to Neotys and we look forward to the expanded presence that Wipro will provide to us.”

“Developing partnerships is a key step in market maturity as it broadens a vendor’s ability to address a wider market,” said Thomas Murphy, research director with Gartner. “As applications become more complex, an increasing number of users rely on a mixture of internal and outsourced resources to achieve cost effective results, making it imperative to form strategic relationships.”

Wipro Technologies is the largest offshore independent testing services provider with innovative solutions and differentiated offerings that reduce cycle times and provide quality assurance for software across industry verticals and domains and has 13+ years of experience in independent Testing Services. The Testing Services Business is a service line in Wipro with testing capabilities across verticals and domains.

New Release of Mendix App Platform Brings Mobile to the Enterprise

Mendix, the app platform company for the enterprise, announced today the availability of the Spring 2012 release of its App Platform, further extending its capabilities, and advancing the way companies build, integrate and deploy web and mobile enterprise apps.

“Our goal with this release was to further advance the state of the market with the most socially collaborative and productive app platform that truly empowers the mobile enterprise user,” said Derek Roos, CEO of Mendix. “We wanted to enable companies to build, integrate and deploy enterprise scale apps faster and easier than ever, regardless of device.”

With this new release companies are able to more quickly and efficiently launch mobile enterprise apps and take advantage of the newly updated app platform that now combines visual business modeling, social productivity, enterprise integration, an app store, and secure cloud deployment. This helps organizations build apps with less effort, automate inefficient processes, and extend existing systems with new apps, while accelerating time-to-market and reducing traditional IT costs.

Rob Boomsma, Division Manager at Capgemini, participated in the beta program of this release and noted: “Mendix set the bar higher yet again with this release and has delivered highly productive social collaboration, mobile and enterprise integration features. I couldn’t believe how easy it now is with the Mendix App Platform to extend an existing system with a mobile app. This is IT and business innovation at its best, providing immediate value to any company.”

The Spring 2012 Release Highlights:

  • Enterprise Mobile – Companies are now
    able to quickly and efficiently launch mobile enterprise apps
    providing the best experience for their users while ensuring the
    necessary back-end system and process integration.
  • One Complete App Platform for the Enterprise
    – This release brings together all app platform components under one
    roof and user interface. As a result, companies are able to seamlessly
    plan projects, design and build apps, collaborate, integrate with
    existing systems and instantly deploy them in the cloud.
  • Enterprise Integration and App Mash-Up –
    Companies now have additional integration options and can quickly
    incorporate other enterprise applications via Enterprise Mash-Ups.
    This results in improved performance and simplifies integration with
    external systems.
  • Social Productivity – The Mendix App
    Platform now includes built-in social collaboration features such as
    activity streams, online chat, groups, and project planning that make
    it easier to fully engage all stakeholders throughout an app
    development project. This produces better results and happier users as
    it includes stakeholders from the IT and business side but also
    captures feedback from end users. Users are now more than consumers of
    an application, they are part of the project team and an integral part
    of a successful project.

Apperian Rolls Out New Mobile Application Lifecycle Management Architecture

Apperian ( today announced the latest release of its Enterprise App Services Environment (EASE), which will significantly broaden the capabilities of mobile application management (MAM).

Businesses have outgrown the basic functionality of “create, deploy and manage apps,” which used to define mobile application management. They now require a cloud platform that covers the full mobile application lifecycle management architecture, ranging from inspection of applications when they are imported for the first time, to socialization functions that foster better app creation and adoption. EASE now provides all of this in a modular solution, and all functions can be managed from a single admin console.

Aiming to provide businesses with the best products and services to meet their mobility requirements, EASE supports both native and third-party extensions, which are plugged into an “AppBus” in the platform. There are six core slots supported by the AppBus that cover all functions required for complete mobile application lifecycle management:

  • Inspect – Malware detection, automation, validation and signing
  • Protect – Geo-fencing, data encryption, app delete and device
    level management
  • Extend – Dynamic policy, remote control, silent install,
    private app network and single sign-on
  • Personalize – Role-based apps, custom branding, targeted
    content and recommendations
  • Analyze – Adoption and usage of apps, compliance reports, app
    inventory and performance
  • Engage – Sharing and liking apps, app rating, crowdsourcing and
    gamification features

“Because the EASE platform is modular, IT managers can easily apply the exact capabilities they require for their mobile environment. This approach surpasses the current capabilities of mobile device management, which are out of date and cannot effectively support today’s world of employee owned devices, and the maturing application lifecycle,” said Carlos Montero-Luque, Apperian’s Senior Vice President, Engineering. “EASE brings together all the components and services required to support the full mobile application lifecycle, all managed through the EASE Admin Portal. The simplicity and elegance of this architecture significantly improves the development, adoption and security of enterprise mobile apps and devices.”

Apperian, Inc. is a mobile application management company. The Apperian EASE platform delivers enterprise mobility services that enable many of the world’s largest corporations to securely deploy and manage mobile apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry. Apperian is empowering the liberated enterprise to support the BYOD revolution.

appRenaissance Acquires Mobile UX/UI Innovator UXFLIP

appRenaissance, a provider of mobile applications, tools and infrastructure, announced today that it has acquired UXFLIP, an innovator in dynamic mobile interface capabilities. UXFLIP’s patent-pending dynamic UX/UI creation, deployment and management capabilities will be merged with the company’s mobile middleware platform, Unifeed™.

“We’re very excited to announce this acquisition today and to have founder Michael Raber join the appRenaissance team,” said Bob Moul, appRenaissance CEO. “The capabilities of UXFLIP are highly complementary to our middleware platform and Michael will be an awesome addition to the team.”

UXFLIP was a participant in the Fall 2011 accelerator program at DreamIt Ventures and recently won “best in show” at the Phorum tech conference in Philadelphia. UXFLIP allows users to dynamically build, deploy and manage the user interface and experience of mobile applications as a cloud-delivered service. A beta version of the offering will be available this summer.

“I am excited to be joining the team at appRenaissance and to help lead the development of next generation revolutionary mobile tools and infrastructure,” said Raber. “Bob was our advisor at DreamIt and immediately saw the value of what we were building. appRenaissance provides the perfect platform to continue to build out the vision we had when we launched UXFLIP.”