What’s new in Nutanix?

Over the last couple of years, Nutanix has been calmly creating and readying a set of tools and processes for companies that want to deploy cloud computing within their own IT departments.

To this end, Nutanix has announced that it will be adding a few developer tools and services to its Enterprise Cloud OS software that should make it easy for developers to deploy to a hybrid cloud system. In addition, it is also planning to bring new enhancements to its virtualization technology to help companies manage their distributed cloud environments.

One of the key changes that we can see is the Acropolis Object Storage. This product provides an Amazon S3-compatible API that’ll allow developers to do things like data archival on a demand basis. This will be similar to other public cloud offerings that are available today, but it will be applicable only for a hybrid environment.

During these announcements, one thing that Nutanix makes it clear is that it doesn’t want to build data centers. This is partly why it entered into an agreement with Google, so that the GCP can use Nutanix’s Acropolis Hypervisor for managing data in the cloud. This agreement with Google is a key aspect to the future of Nutanix and for that matter, the entire cloud industry, because it represents a big step towards a multi-cloud system.

Let’s say, a customer wants to have the data of project A in a public cloud while it wants to have project B in their in-house data center. Now, it is creating a project C that needs to be partially in the cloud and partially in data-centers. From the company’s perspective, running three different clouds is tough because of differences in operating systems and compatibility issues. Further, application dependencies complicate the problem even more.

But, Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS combines these different cloud strands and makes it look like a single piece of computing fabric.

This integration is what makes Nutanix’s offerings so interesting for customers. Though the exact dates of release and pricing information is not available, the new products have sure created a buzz among cloud users.

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