Japan’s NTT Communications to Present at @CloudEXPO | @JETROUSA @NTTcom #AI #Analytics #CloudNative #Serverless #Docker #Kubernetes

Function as a Service is the popular solution of Serverless, which runs a short-lived function. In contrast, we will show a new Serverless: run long-lived function to deal with stream data. Running containers per stream, each container’s code footprint became small, and the system complexity got significantly simple. This made it easy to realize a new use case like enriching an application with AI-powered analytics using video stream in real-time.

NTT Communications has developed a new platform with Kubernetes to orchestrate this new style of media stream processing. We will throw a live demo to send voice stream from browser to this platform and run media processing functions in real-time. The functions will be open sourced, and all participants can try it out from tomorrow.

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