WatchGuard Announces UTM Solution for Windows Azure Cloud Platform

WatchGuard has announced its first UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution for Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing platform. With organisations worldwide pouring vast amounts of sensitive data, applications and services into the cloud, secure data access is paramount. With WatchGuard’s XTM security appliances, these companies are now able to ensure secure cloud access while leveraging WatchGuard’s comprehensive and multi-layered defence across network, email, web and content security.

“Windows Azure’s cloud scalability, speed, and economics make it a compelling option for our customers that want to take advantage of the cloud while continuing to use their on-premises infrastructure,” said David Aiken, Group Product Marketing Manager, Windows Azure, Microsoft. “These customers require secure data access from on-premises networks to the cloud, and WatchGuard’s unified threat management platform helps extend on-premises datacentres to the cloud while assuring secure access.”

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